What happens at a Sasta Sligo Weigh in? | sasta weight loss

What happens on weigh in day at Sasta Sligo ? We provide you with a Low gl meal planner and a food diary when you sign up to our nutritional and fitness packages. We support you in your nutritional planning and on each weigh in we review your food plan to ensure you are on[…]

sasta sligo meal plans

A day in the Sasta Sligo Lifestyle

What is a Sasta meal plan?  What is involved?  What is a Sasta Diet?   What can I eat ? What do I have to give up? You send us these questions on a daily basis .. So we want to give you an insight into a typical day on the Sasta meal plan. Firstly[…]


Exercise for your mental health | worldmentalhealthday

On #worldmentalhealthday we can’t not discuss the connection between mental health and physical health:  one cannot exist without the other. If we are to feel physically well, we are able to more easily feel and stay mentally healthy. Leading a balanced lifestyle.. taking plenty of exercise, eating healthily, getting quality sleep and managing stress all makes us[…]