How to not hate Monday

How you spend your weekend can make you happier!

Do you hate Mondays? Does how you spend your weekend make you happier during the week ? Laura Vanderkam author of 168 hours says so.. drawing on real-life stories and scientific research, Vanderkam explains why doing nothing can be more exhausting than doing something and why happy people make weekend plans in advance. We are[…]

Lauren Rouse Sasta Sligo results

Lauren Rouse Sasta Sligo Results | Sasta fitness Sligo Results

Lauren Rouse has acheived amazing results with us at Sasta Sligo.. We are very lucky to be supporting Lauren Rouse on her health and fitness journey. Lauren has made such amazing progress over the last few years and has adapted to a whole new lifestyle! Lauren sent usĀ an image of her as a young teenager[…]