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Fear of the gym?

It seems a huge number of ladies avoid the gym for fear of being judged! So you are not alone! shared a recent survey on the subject showing that a massive 65 percent of women avoid the gym over anxiety about being judged and shared some great tips on how to up your confidence! This is[…]


Tips for working out in the hot weather

The thought of working out in this heat is a little overwhelming we know! So here are some tips to help you get through your Summer workouts in Ireland’s hot weather right now! If this hot weather is due to last .. giving up your workouts isn’t a solution.. you don’t want to undo all your hard work[…]

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Strength training for your body and mind

Weight / Resistance training proven to reduce depression If you need a reason to add our weight training workouts to your vacuum treadmill sessions here are a few..  Strength training is good for your body and your mind, according to a new review of more than 30 previously published studies and summarised by TIME.COM The paper, published[…]