Win 2 Fitness Packages & a €1000 Invisalign Voucher | Invisalign Clear braces

G I V E A W A Y ✨We have a new bridal bootcamp package launching at Sásta Sligo in July!👰🏼🎩 To launch we are giving you the change to WIN two packages AND a €1000 Invisalign Voucher from our favourite dental clinic David McConville Orthodontics.. Now thats wedding prep!💞 We will have you smiling and flexing all the[…]

sasta sligo meal plans

A day in the Sasta Sligo Lifestyle

What is a Sasta meal plan?  What is involved?  What is a Sasta Diet?   What can I eat ? What do I have to give up? You send us these questions on a daily basis .. So we want to give you an insight into a typical day on the Sasta meal plan. Firstly[…]

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How does alcohol fit into your sasta lifestyle? | sasta sligo

A night out this weekend? Wonder why alcohol makes you feel the way it does ? Here is why! We know that alcoholic drinks contain a lot of calories.. so it would seem odd then that alcohol would make you hungry. But for those of us who enjoy a couple of glasses know, the post-drink ‘munchies’[…]


What makes the sasta pod different?

WHY CHOOSE SASTA OVER OTHER EXERCISE METHODS? Sásta is based around a treadmill based fitness pod which utilises vacuum technology; in effect you are exercising in a vacuum You wear a special band over your gym gear around your waist which seals the vacuum from the waist down creating negative pressure. Most importantly this accelerates fat burn.[…]