Fear of the gym?

It seems a huge number of ladies avoid the gym for fear of being judged! So you are not alone!

gym fear? Sasta fitness sligo

Sixty-five percent of women actually avoid the gym over a fear of being judged, according to a survey of 1,000 people across the U.S. by Fitrated, a platform for gym equipment reviews. By comparison, only 36 percent of men felt that way.

The list of gym fears goes on. Fifty-five percent of women feel they’re being judged for “not looking fit enough,” 49 percent fret about their clothing choice, and 25 percent fear being stereotyped!

Fitness shared some thoughts from the experts..”Fear of judgment comes from exactly that: fear,” says Ashley Borden, a certified strength and conditioning specialist. “I used to suffer from a debilitating gym-going ‘distorted ego.’ I had this idea that everyone was going to stop what they were doing and judge me every moment. Reality check? After 35,000 hours working in a gym setting, I can tell you this: the only one who really cares is you,” she says. “Everyone else is so focused on themselves they couldn’t care less or they’re thinking the exact same thing themselves.”

YES!! we can validate this also.. that ALL of our clients state this at the beginning regardless of level of fitness, age etc

The experts at fitness.com have some tips for you in overcoming that fear and taking the first step!

Plan your workout.
“I don’t suggest walking into a gym and winging it,” says Borden. “It’s the aimlessness that feels uncomfortable. You want to have a plan.” Before heading to the gym, read-up on a workout routine that will take the guesswork out of your sweat session or download an app that will take you through a circuit in real time.

This is a great tip and something that our clients love about Sasta Sligo. Our studio is not just a gym! Our programmes are made for every fitness level.. You have 30 minutes and the workout is set for you.. you know what to expect and this is what our clients love!
The same applies to our HIIT and weight training.. We are here to support you in all levels of workout .. like personal trainers!

Fitness.com says that fifty-one percent of women reported fear of improperly doing an exercise—even with a plan, nailing a single leg deadlift can feel nerve-wracking.
We go through all workouts with you to avoid you feeling like your technique may be wrong.. Our environment is so supportive and you will NEVER be judged about your level of knowledge!! EVER!!

Remember your goals.
Remember what makes you want to go to the gym in the first place: To make your body stronger, score a little mental health boost, prioritize taking care of yourself “Taking care of yourself also means eliminating the self-sabotaging jury in your head, or at least starting to ignore it,” says Borden. “Even if you don’t believe it yet, act as if you feel the confidence. If you arrive at a gym prepared, with a workout in hand, you won’t have time for anything else other than a good sweat.”

This is why our clients love the fact that we have body analysis weigh ins included in our Sasta Sligo packages.. reviewing your food diary.. analysing your progress and keeping you accountable. We are here to support you and keep you on track! This is so important!

Feeling comfortable is so important in finding a workout or gym that you can make a lifestyle in.. We pride ourselves in creating a space that is non judgemental.. comfortable and supportive for males and females of all ages and fitness levels. You can book a  FREE trial to come meet us and try out our studio.. From there you choose your times.. 6am-8pm.

You choose the times that work for you and book 30 minute/ 1 hour workouts that ensure you feel accomplished afterwards and not just aimlessly spending an hour in the gym!

Come and try #sastasligo out 0863791850 we cant wait to have you join our Sasta Family!

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