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Commit to your morning workouts!

How long have you been saying that you will workout early in the day ? So often we hear our clients say “Oh I have tried so hard but I just cant get up early enough”..

Here are some reasons why its good to workout in the morning..

Enhance Your Metabolism. …
Get consistent. …
Improve Your Physical and Mental Energy. …
Develop Strong Self-Discipline. …
Get Better Sleep. …
Fit in your workout early before you decide reasons why you are too busy..
Start your day on a more focused note..

How to become a morning person

Some tips for making sure you get out of bed and do that workout! No excuses.. We start at 6am daily.. we are there to motivate you nice and early!

Plan a Loud and quick awakening
Set your really annoying alarm and put it across the room. Apologise to your other half in advance 🙂

Be organised the night before!  Set out your exercise clothes be ready to go with no effort the night before.

Pay up! You’ll be much less likely to skip out if you’ve already paid ahead.. buy our Sasta fitness bundles..  and pay in advance so that you are less likely to cancel! Did you know if you pay DD you can save on your monthly fees also

Buddy up! A review published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association found that having accountability buddies on Facebook, Twitter, and wellness-minded social networks increases the likelihood you’ll make healthy choices.. so come join us in our #sastasligo group to keep you accountable to better choices here .
Grab your gym buddy and join together.. You will save €15 on your Sasta package when you do!

Have your food prepped. Its not just all about the workout .. Your food is alot of the work also.. We swear by overnight oats, smoothie bags in the freezer, egg muffins, things you can prep ahead and grab your lunchbox and go! If you are ready for some help with this add a nutritional consultation to your FREE Sasta trial and lets get you on track!

Get clear on your WHY! If you want to make it out of bed in the cold dark mornings you need to really want to do it .. otherwise you will convince yourself you don’t need to. Why do you want to loose weight, tone up, get healthy? Link how you will feel when you achieve your change in lifestyle and live in that feeling.. remind yourself of your why every day.. write it down .. vision it and feel it and really believe you are moving in the right direction!

Take action! Book those early morning sessions ahead… Our 6am sessions are the most popular so you will have lots of company .. book ahead and commit.. soon it will become a habit!

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