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What should you be including in the children back to school lunch boxes?

Its time for set routines again and lunches and uniforms and homework.. Don’t get overwhelmed.. By staying prepared:)

Easier said than done sometimes!

Lots of our clients have been saying how they might be on track with good eating habits themselves through their Sasta plans.. but find it difficult to know what to put in the kids lunch boxes

Mags Carey has a BSc in Applied Science from Trinity College and is a qualified nutritionist, herbalist and naturopath. As a busy mum of three ..she has shared her fabulous tips for lunch box domination with RTE to help you all get organised.. so we had to share with you!


Healthy lunch ideas

There are 5 key types of foods that we should be including every day – ensuring that you pick one item from each of these groups will take the guesswork out and leave you confident that your child’s lunchbox is nicely balanced.

  • Carbs – to make sure they have enough energy to sustain themselves until home time. Such as whole wheat pitta/wraps/bagels, crackers, pasta, quinoa, wholegrain rice
  • Protein – to keep them fuller for longer and to help maintain their concentration levels. It doesn’t have to be meat/cheese – try including hummus, falafels, egg or tinned fish.
  • Fat – omega 3’s are called essential for a reason! They help with brain development and happy hormone levels such as Eggs (frittata, muffins), fish, avocado, yogurt, cheese, seeds
  • Fruit/Veg – full of antioxidants to help our little ones fight infection, try to include both and vary as much as possible (think rainbow!). Grating or adding dips can help with getting them to love them!
  • Hydrate! – Water, water, water! Even mild dehydration can cause poor concentration, tiredness and tantrums. Avoid juices and smoothies as a general rule to help with good oral health. In wintertime, opt for warm soups in flasks.


How to make lunch box prep easy.. 

Your freezer is your best friend when it comes to stocking up and there’s no reason why you can’t avail of all the tasty treats yourself for your own lunch/snacks! This will ensure that your child gets continued variety without too much effort on your part.

  • Cooking one thing in bulk each week, like a batch of flapjacks or savoury muffins, will give you a treasure trove of foods to choose from within a matter of weeks. Simply take out the night before or even on the day itself – by the time lunch comes around it will be perfect.
  • Freeze leftovers from dinner time that you can incorporate into salads, sambos or snacks – slice any leftover roast from Sunday dinner or portion off leftover veg.
  • Wrap food items in parchment paper to prevent freezer burn or place a sheet of parchment in between layers of items to prevent them sticking together. Don’t forget to date and label everything.

Maggie Carey has a BSc in Applied Science from Trinity College and is a qualified nutritionist, herbalist and naturopath. As a busy mum of two young children, she fully understands the need for quick but nutritious meals to fuel families and fight off infections.

You can see more from Mags and great advice over on RTE LIFESTYLE HERE


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