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Lauren Rouse has acheived amazing results with us at Sasta Sligo..

We are very lucky to be supporting Lauren Rouse on her health and fitness journey. Lauren has made such amazing progress over the last few years and has adapted to a whole new lifestyle!lauren rouse results sasta fitness sligo

Lauren sent us an image of her as a young teenager saying that she has struggled with her weight all through her childhood and into her early teens. Her weight hit 17st and it was then that she decided  to make changes that would be better for her health and wellbeing.


sasta sligo fitness results


Lauren joined us at Sasta Sligo last June and sent us this picture of her at 14st 8 Ibs.
Lauren looks beautiful here but she just didnt feel good and wasn’t making the best choices for her health. Lauren came to us with the intention to reduce her weight tone up and get fit.

This amazing lady has achieved all of her goals and is continuing to break them and move on to even bigger achievements.
Lauren now currently weighs 12st 5Ibs and feels great but she says “I don’t want to stop my journey just yet. My main goal is to feel good and happy in my skin”

lauren rouse sasta fitness sligo results


You will agree that Lauren has looked radiant and beautiful throughout the years in these pictures but the changes she has made in her lifestyle have ensured she is healthier and looks amazing both.

This lady is a perfect example of taking one step at a time and making gradual positive changes towards a better lifestyle. No diet or crazy fitness regime.




She has committed to our Low Gl meal recommendations with 3 meals and 2 healthy snacks daily.

She works out 30 minutes on our pods and incorporates our body sculpting workouts also with our guidance and support she has come so far.

We are so proud! What an inspirational lady she is and she continues to commit and make progression. Our plans mean its easy to change your lifestyle and commit to sustainable


Lauren Rouse Sasta Sligo results

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Joanne and Lisa xx

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