Strength training for your body and mind

Weight / Resistance training proven to reduce depression

If you need a reason to add our weight training workouts to your vacuum treadmill sessions here are a few.. 

Strength training is good for your body and your mind, according to a new review of more than 30 previously published studies and summarised by TIME.COM

The paper, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, found that resistance exercise training (RET), such as weightlifting and strength training, is associated with a significant reduction in depressive symptoms. It also, of course, comes with physical benefits, like making bones stronger and preventing chronic conditions. (TIME.COM)

Brett Gordon, the paper’s first author and a postgraduate researcher in the department of physical education and sports sciences at Ireland’s University of Limerick, stops short of calling resistance training a cure for depression

Gordon and his colleagues analysed 33 clinical trials—including nearly 2,000 people in total—that examined the effects of resistance exercise training on symptoms of depression. Across the board, they found that strength training was associated with improvements in depressive symptoms such as low mood, a loss of interest in activities and feelings of worthlessness, regardless of a person’s age, sex, health status, specific exercise routine or improvements in physical strength.

Since the researchers saw improvements associated with a wide range of strength-training programs, Gordon says he can’t name a single best exercise regimen for your mental health. (There was, however, some evidence to support the effects of supervised routines shorter than 45 minutes.) He recommends following the guidelines provided by the American College of Sports Medicine: doing strength training at least two days per week by performing eight to 12 repetitions of eight to 10 different strength-building exercises each time.

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